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Snow Blowers

Lorenz offers four series of snow blowers, including a hydraulic drive, ranging from 4 feet wide to 9 feet wide.  They mount on the rear 3-point of most sizes of farm tractors.  They are intended for general farm use, however they are designed to withstand industrial and commercial use.  All series blowers are of the two-stage type.  Each has two augers and a fan.  The augers are driven with heavy roller chain.  The augers are made with paddles that break up the snow for easier feeding into the blower.  These paddles are very effective, especially when blowing hard snow or snow that has been moved once already.  The drives are protected by shear pin assemblies.  All models have replaceable cutting edges that are made from abrasion resisting material.  Specific models and features are listed below.


30 Series (4 ft.)

For 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft see 310 Series below.
The 30 series blower is still available in the 430(4 ft.) and is designed for tractors up to 40 HP.  The 430 has a 26 inch fan housing and two 11 inch diameter augers.  Input RPM is 540.  The 3 point hitch is Category I. 

Model Width Auger Dia Fan Dia Weight 430 48" 11" 26" 460 lbs.


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Aggressive Paddles Heavy Chain Easy Access Shear Pin Replacement

The augers are protected by a separate shear assembly.  The shear bolts are located on the drive sprockets.  The drive uses #50H roller chain.  The fan and augers are protected by a shear assembly built into the PTO shaft.  A hinged shield protects the shear assembly and the operator.  


310 Series

The 310 series blowers are designed for tractors up to 40 HP.  All three models have a 24 inch fan housings, 11 inch diameter top augers, and 15" bottom augers.  Input RPM is 540 for all 310 Series.  The 3 point hitch is Category I.  

Model Width  Weight:  5310 66" 820 lbs.  6310 78" 860 lbs.  7310 84" 900  lbs.

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Main Mount options:
3 Point or Front Mount
  Well-Balanced six Blade Fan Float or Solid Pin Holes Deflector with Universal Actuator / Cylinder Mounts Reinforced Lower Corners

The augers are protected by a separate shear assembly.  The shear bolts are located on the drive sprockets.  The drive uses #50H roller chain.  The fan and augers are protected by a shear assembly built into the PTO shaft.  A hinged shield protects the shear assembly and the operator. 

38 Series

The 38 series are designed for 540 RPM and a maximum of 100 HP.  All models have two 14 inch augers and a 30 inch diameter fan.  The hitch is standard Category II three point.  The end plates are 3/16 thick and all four corners of the housing are well braced.  Standard equipment includes a hydraulic spout rotating kit, PTO shaft, and all pins.  Models 738 and 838 have higher housings, and the  838 has an option for four skid shoes.  Other options include the Drift Buster and a curb wear plate.

Model Width Auger Dia Fan Dia Weight 738 84" 14" 30" 1150 lbs. and the 838 96" 14" 30" 1250 lbs.


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Aggressive Paddles Well-Braced Corners Well Shielded, Easy Access Shear Pin Replacement
Front Mount Kits Available, click here


80 / 90 Series

These large series is designed for a maximum of 150 HP.  The 8001 and 9001 run at 540 RPM, and the 8101 and 9101 at 1000 RPM.  The end plates are 1/4" thick and housing corners are well braced.  The fan is 32" diameter for both 540 RPM and 1000 RPM.  The augers are 20" diameter.  The augers are protected by a shear assembly near the chain coupler.  Standard equipment includes the hydraulic spout turn, spline PTO shaft and all pins.  Options include extra skid shoes.  Like all models, the drive train is well guarded to protect the operator and the equipment.


Model Width Auger Dia Fan Dia Weight 8001 96" 20" 32" 2000 lbs.  8101 96" 20" 32" 2000 lbs.  9001 104" 20" 32" 2200 lbs.  9101 104" 20" 32" 2200 lbs.


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Aggressive Paddles Replaceable Blades Extra Skid shoe Pockets 1/4" End Plates With Chain Guard
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Hydraulic Spout Rotation Included Well Shielded Drive line Easy Access to Shear Assembly

Hydraulic 6610 & 7810 Series

Our newest product is a hydraulically powered blower designed for skid steer loaders and compact tractors up to 40HP with quick mount loaders.  A minimum of about 14 gal./min. flow is required to power this blower.  Consequently the higher the flow, the better.  Presently, we offer five different sizes of drive motors to accommodate different flow rates.  See table below.  For higher than 30 gal./min. flow rate, call or email for other options.   A close coupled mount is also incorporated for increased stability.  The cutting widths are 66 and 78".  The fan is 24" Dia., top auger is 11" Dia., and the bottom auger is 15" Dia.

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Fits Popular Skid Steers Fitted with High Oil Flow        Fits Popular Compact Tractors shown w/optional 18 Gal. reservoir *
Close Mount to Loader for More Stability Well-Balanced six Blade Fan Electric Spout Rotation Included

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Float or Solid Pin Holes
Deflector with Universal Actuator / Cylinder Mounts Reinforced Lower Corners

Flow Rate, gal./min Motor, cu. in./rev.
14-16 4.9
16-20 6.2
20-24 8.0
24 +
High Flow motor w/ check valve

 Optional 18 gallon tank and filter are used with PTO driven pump kit.
  **    The term high-flow encompasses a wide category of skid loaders with varying flows and pressures. Flows range from 26 to 40 GPM and pressures range from 3,000 to 5,000 PSI.

Optional Extras

There are several options available for all blowers.  These options include electric and hydraulic spout rotation and deflector kits, extra skid shoes (738 and up), truck loading spouts, etc.

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DSCF1989.JPG (68359 bytes)
DSCF2001.JPG (56433 bytes) DSCF2002.JPG (54087 bytes) TruckSpout30.jpg (78212 bytes)
Electric Spout Kit Hydraulic Spout Kit Electric Deflector Kit Hydraulic Deflector Kit Truck Loading Spout


 Choosing the Best Model for Your Tractor

Care must be taken when choosing the model of snow blower that will best suit your tractor.  There are a few important factors that will affect which model to choose.  Tractor horsepower, width of the wheels, speeds, etc.

Tractor Horsepower - Never exceed the maximum rated HP of the blower.  The power take-off (PTO) shaft will only handle a certain amount of power.  Normally, tractors with higher HP ratings are higher above the ground, putting smaller PTO shafts at a greater angle.  This angle greatly reduces the power being transmitted to the blower, and is absorbed into the PTO shaft in the form of friction.  This friction greatly hinders the ability of the PTO shaft to telescope during use.  This will put undue stress on the gearbox of the blower and the PTO output of the tractor.  Therefore, the PTO shaft must be as straight as possible.  Putting too large a tractor on a particular model of snow blower will cause premature wear and nothing but problems, and will void the warranty.

Width of the Wheels - It is desired to choose a blower wide enough to cover the width of your tractor.  Width is less important with respect to horse power, because the fan uses the highest proportion of the power.  For example, if your tractor is 5' wide but you would like to have more width, a 630 would run fine.  For further recommendations on tractor width vs. blower models, give us a call.