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Lorenz offers five different models of snow blowers.  Most are three point PTO driven, however, we also offer a hydraulic driven snow blower for use on skid steer loaders and tractors with a front loader.  All of our snow blowers use heavy paddles on the augers to break up hard snow and ice.

A replaceable cutting edge is standard on all models.  They are double-sided and made from an abrasion resisting steel.

Overall, these machines are built very heavy and are designed for many years of solid performance.


 Hydraulic Blower 738   
430 and 310 PTO and Hydraulic Models Model 38  8000/9000 Models 12 Foot Model

Model 430 and 310 - PTO and Hydraulic

Lorenz offers five cutting widths of PTO driven snow blowers in this series.  The PTO units range from 4 feet wide to 8 feet wide.  The 4 foot wide has a fixed 3 point mount, where the other sizes have a combination fixed/float type 3 point universal mount. 

The hydraulic blowers are for use on tractors and skid steer loaders up to 40HP, and are available in 6, 7, and 8 feet wide.  The tractor-loader mounted blower uses the loader arms for mounting, and has a self-contained hydraulic system complete with tank, pump, hoses, relief valve and filter.  The system can be removed from the tractor without removing any hydraulic lines.

The universal mount is fully adjustable side to side, up and down, and can either be fixed or floating for uneven ground.

Standard equipment includes a replaceable cutting edge, manual spout rotation with crank, and a adjustable locking spout deflector.  Also included is a jack stand and two skid shoes.  Optional equipment includes hydraulic or electric spout controls, and curb wear plates.


Photos of Model 430


Photos of 310 Series




Hydraulic Models

We offer two models of hydraulic snow blowers - skid steer and tractor loader mount.  The loader mount snow blowers have their own independent hydraulic system, including a PTO driven pump, and an oil tank built into the frame of the snow blower.  These models also use the fixed/floating type mount.  Different mounting configurations are available, and can easily be attached to the mount frame.

Electric spout rotation is standard and includes a hand switch control.

Options include - hydraulic spout rotation, hydraulic and electric deflector control, and different capacity motors, depending on power available.


Front   Chain Drive  Fan Chain Tightener 
  Auger Shear Pins  Agressive Paddles and Fan  Access Holes for Auger Shear Pins and Chain Tightener
    Spout Rotation
  Oil Sight Glass on Tank  Oil Tank System on Loader Mount Blower Heavy-Duty Gear Spout Drive
Owners Manual Nook      

Compartment for Owner's Manual, Tools, and Extra Shear Bolts, etc.

Short Mount     


Model 738-838

The 38 Series snow blower is a great choice for mid sized tractors.  With an input power of 40 to 100 HP, it performs well with a wide range of HP.  It fits onto Category II 3-points and will also fit quick-tatch hitches.

The augers are driven by #60 heavy roller chain, and are protected by shear bolts.  The shear bolts are easily accessible.   The fan is also protected by shear bolts. 

 The 38 Series blowers are available in both 7 foot and 8 foot wide.  The housing is 38" tall and uses the heavy paddles on the augers.  As on all models of Lorenz snowblowers, these paddles are made from an abrasion-resisting steel.

The housing is well supported by heavy bracing to all four corners with heavy gauge formed channel.  The end plates are 1/4" thick and are configured to accept optional curb wear plates and drift buster bars.

Aggressive Paddles Rigid 3 Point Mount Well Shielded Driveline and Strong Corner Brackets Positive Chain Tightener, Heavy End Plates
Standard Hydraulic Spout Rotation Optional Electric Deflector Easy-Access Shear Bolt Protection  


8000/9000 Models

Our 8' and 9' large model snow blowers accommodate tractors in excess of 150HP.  Both cutting widths are available in 540 and 1000 RPM.  The 3-Pt hitch can be changed between Category II and III.  The mount is well braced and made from heavy gauge steel.  The end plates are 1/4" thick and are configured for add on options including a curb wear plate and drift cutters.

The cutting edge is replaceable and reversible and made from abrasion resisting steel plate.  There are four skid shoe brackets, with two skid shoes included.  The fan is protected by shear bolts on the PTO shaft.  The augers are protected by shear bolts near the gearbox output.  Both areas are easily accessible.

The fan blades are 3/8" plate and replaceable.  The complete fan is balanced for smooth operation.

The spout rotation is driven by a hydraulic motor included as standard equipment.  The hydraulic deflector is also standard equipment.


Aggressive Balanced Augers Well Shielded Driveline and Heavy Hitch Bracing Heavy Duty 3-Pt. - Converts Between Cat II and Cat III 
Heavy End Plates, HD Auger Bearings, Spare Shear Bolts Skid Shoes and Pockets  Easy-Access Auger Shear Assembly
Easy-Access Fan Shear Assembly Hydraulic Deflector  


430 540 PTO 40 48" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 460 LBS
5310 540 PTO 40 66" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 820 LBS
6310 540 PTO 40 78" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 860 LBS
7310 540 PTO 40 84" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 900 LBS
 6610 HYD 60* 66" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 900 LBS
7810 HYD 60* 78" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 960 LBS
8410 HYD 60* 84" 31" 24" x 8" 10" 11" & 15" 1000 LBS
738 540 PTO 100 84" 38" 30" x 8"  10" 14"  1150 LBS
838 540 PTO 100 96" 38" 30" x 8"  10" 14" 1250 LBS
8001 540 PTO 100+ 96" 44" 32" x 11" 12" 20"  2000 LBS
8101 1000 PTO 100+ 96" 44" 32" x 11" 12" 20"  2000 LBS
9001 540 PTO 100+ 108" 44" 32" x 11" 12" 20"  2200 LBS
9101 1000 PTO 100+ 108" 44" 32" x 11" 12" 20"  2200 LBS
1215 540/1000 PTO 100+ 148" 44" 36" x 11" 13" 20"  2860 LBS


* No HP requirement, except for use on the tractor front mount loader version.  The tractor front mount system requires 40-60 HP.


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